• Garden diary week 5: Cleaning up the yard


    The past week, after a couple of weeks of snow and freezing weather, we jumped into spring-like weather. This brought us out of the house and we’ve started with garden work. It’s still too cold for sowing and planting, but…

  • Monthly review: June in my garden


    After a very cold spring with vast amounts of rain, June brought us much milder weather, with the first summer heat wave—something the garden really needed. Moody weather The biggest issue with the weather in this part of Croatia is…

  • Orchard And Side Garden In June


    Past two years I’m trying to make vegetable beds and gardens all over the yard, using every single free space. The idea is to be able to grow enough vegetables for an entire year. I know that I’m far from…

  • Garden Diary Week 24: a bit of sunshine


    Finally, after weeks and weeks of rain and showers, we got a few dry days(and a shower). Catching Up On Work The one dry week after a very long period of rain had to be used well. Although temperatures are…

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    Garden Diary Week 21-22: Even more rain


    Another week of cooler weather with lots of showers and rain. I guess we better get used to it this year. Rainy May Unlike last year’s May, which was very warm and stormy, this May was much cooler with huge…