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    Maranta surprises never end


      A few months ago I wrote about my accident with my Maranta plant in which I broke off both of the branches. I really thought that my plant was gone, but instead, the little, crazy resistant Maranta awarded my…

  • New sedum and houseleek planters


     Last year I decided to make a sedum garden. At first, the plan was to make a garden on the garage roof. It seemed like a good idea at first, the surface is slightly tilted, and the view from my…

  • Windy Easter


    The winds have started again. The Holy weekend has been extremely windy, the temperatures have dropped from cozy 20°C(68°F) to cold 10°C(33°F), the house heating is back on, and most of the seedlings are back indoors. All we did during…

  • When being clumsy turns out to be a good thing


      Some days I can be very clumsy. Not always, but sometimes it seems like I have two left hands. Sometimes, I have a feeling like my fists open on their own and I drop things, or my hand twitches…

  • Time to check the house plants


     Growing house plants in a place with no sun is a very difficult task. Even the ones that are usually considered “easy to grow” and don’t require any special conditions refuse to grow in my home.  Four years ago, my…