Herb preservation

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    Curly Parsley: How to Sow, Grow, Harvest, and Store


    Every herb garden needs parsley. Most of the meals are made with parsley. But what if regular parsley simply refuses to grow in our garden? Can curly parsley take its place? How can we grow, harvest and store it for…

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    Dried green mix and endive


    There’s nothing better than a home-dried herb. The taste is always much stronger than the store-bought ones, and you can mix the herbs you like. I used to dry my herbs separately and had a bunch of small jars with…

  • Lavender harvest


    In Croatia, June is usually a Lavender harvest month. In the coastal parts lavender flowers sooner, and in northwestern Croatia we harvest it around the end of June. The lavender isn’t very popular here due to the popular opinion that…