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    Curly Parsley: How to Sow, Grow, Harvest, and Store


    Every herb garden needs parsley. Most of the meals are made with parsley. But what if regular parsley simply refuses to grow in our garden? Can curly parsley take its place? How can we grow, harvest and store it for…

  • Could this be chives?


     For the past couple of years, I’ve started noticing small, onion-looking bushes all around the yard. First, they started appearing in the backyard, but lately, they started spreading outside the side yard, into the woods. We have here some wild…

  • How much rain is too much rain


    Over the past few months in my posts, I’ve mostly complained about the lack of rain we were experiencing. The winter was extremely dry and the following spring continued with the trend. But, of course, May brought a completely different…

  • Herb base: Lungwort


    Some time ago I wrote about my plan to make a small base of herbs, tomatoes, and flowers with their basic information and use them all in one place. Well that went down the drain due to many problems that…