Garden diary

  • Garden diary week 5: Cleaning up the yard


    The past week, after a couple of weeks of snow and freezing weather, we jumped into spring-like weather. This brought us out of the house and we’ve started with garden work. It’s still too cold for sowing and planting, but…

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    Weekly progress week 2: Snow and first seedlings


    Snow is becoming a rare event here in Croatia. Although we had at least a couple of snowy weeks a year in previous decades, this is changing lately. Last Friday, we got our first decent snow, and of course, it…

  • Garden season 2023 ended early


    Although it seems like there is still plenty of time to grow vegetables, my season has already ended. The cold spring and very stormy and cold weather have made me end this season early and wait for the next one….

  • Garden diary 01.-31.07: July from a nightmare


    July has been a month from hell; honestly, I couldn’t wait for it to end. Unlike last year, when we spent most of the time watering the plants and cooling down during the evenings, this year summer is almost non-existent….

  • Monthly review: June in my garden


    After a very cold spring with vast amounts of rain, June brought us much milder weather, with the first summer heat wave—something the garden really needed. Moody weather The biggest issue with the weather in this part of Croatia is…